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Wassup free people of the world.....

Hellooooo. Thanx 4 visiting my site. Big ups to all my people @ RHS and GPN. Shout out to mi familia & my girls Teila & Sharnita (R.I.P.)....also Jon, Shana, Aliya, Sean....and others I didn't mention in any way....

Plus my baby Dee- hey boo!

This site is basically dedicated to things I like...mtv.com users check me out @ tkaio06....peace!        d







"...You would think bleeding is blase like going to school or sitcoms...try not doing it for a while..."



I am Susan Rodriguez.

I was a reporter -- and a damned good one. My beat was the supernatural, and my paper was the Midwestern Arcane. I've investigated Elvis sightings, disappearing cities, faerie kidnappings, werewolf rampages, and sarky but irresistable wizards.

Then curiosity got the best of me. The monsters I tried to understand and shed light on caught up with me. Now I'm practically one of them -- held off with the help of the Order of St. Giles.

Now I am the news -- only nobody bothers to report it. The Red Court may be at war with the wizards, but they'd do well to watch their backs. The Order already is.

About what guys think about me...

One They Want But Can't Have

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Well... ummm lesseee...

For anyone who cares- I DIDNT KNOW THIS WAS STILL UP!

So this is my parent website. All others henceforth shall be a child of this site. So without further ado... here they are:


This is where i keep all of my info on the works of the great Jhonen Vasquez.


We all knew this was coming all Inuyasha all the time.

Oh, sweet Jesus, please, sign my guestbook, PLEASE!

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Also check check check check check it out, Dead Weasel Comics: Aphotic Homily and Muse This! by one of my close friends- The power of Christ compells you! The power of Christ compells you!http://www.freewebs.com/aphotichomily/

and also my boy ty's http://community.webshots.com/user/tysexual


This is appearantly who I am most like personality wise...COOOOOOL!

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N E thing you want to know E-mail me... questions... comments... N E thing.........OH! almost forgot, Loveofanime.com...this is my 1st site & i kinda sorta stole couple o' ur pictures... gomen :) also 2 bishounen garden...